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Useful Information

New Customer Registration
To register, you will need your own e-mail address (you will not be allowed to change it later). After opening the Registration , read the Useful Information. Then press the 'Continue' button and fill out the form (name, address,..) It is important to fill in a correct e-mail address because you will be sent a registration verification to this address. Your delivery address and your phone number are also very important so that we can contact you in case of any uncertainties. The system will invite you to check your data and then you will be registered. Immediately after the registration, you will be sent a confirmatory letter into your e-mail box. To log in, use the name and password from the confirmatory e-mail. You can change your password anytime.

How to shop
To place an order, you have to be logged in. Shopping is simple. Click on the 'Shop' button in the main menu and choose goods. To choose the goods, simply fill in the required number of items and then click on the shopping cart button. The complete price of your purchase is shown in the top right corner of the page. If you click on 'Checkout', you will see the content of your shopping cart - your order. This is the list of the items ordered. And then there is a field for your instructions. The instructions should be simple and clear. For example: 'Vysočina' salami - whole, Edam - sliced, etc. The same way as you are used to in over-the-counter transactions. Then it is always necessary to choose the way of delivery. You can either pick up your purchase in the shop or we will deliver it to your address. If that is the case, check if the information about your address is correct. If everything is all right, click on 'pay'. And that is it. The staff in our central office accepts your order immediately. It is checked and you are sent a confirmation to your e-mail address. The confirmation informs you whether all the goods ordered by you are available, the required time of delivery is possible and all your instructions are clear.

Working Hours
MON - FRI 7 - 18      (we deliver MON - FRI)
     SAT 7 - 12

Where we deliver
We deliver all over the Prag Capital Region. Customers from nearby surroundings can be delivered by individual prior agreement.

Delivery and Payment Terms and Conditions
We accept telephone, fax, e-shop and e-mail orders. Orders are confirmed via telephone or e-mail. Goods are delivered on work days at agreed time ± 30 minutes. Orders must be placed at least 1 day in advance, till 2 p.m. at the latest.
If the price of your purchase exceeds CZK 999,- including VAT, the delivery is free of charge.* Purchases with a value of less than that must be collected in the shop. Payments are carried out in cash on delivery.

* - The company reserves the right to charge the delivery in contested cases when the customer orders only a small amount of goods of a high price.
For example 2 bottles of Jack Daniels.
In this case we will always contact you beforehand.

Complaints Procedure
Complaints can be made upon delivery, or by telephone on 241 445 607 from 6.00 a.m. to 2 p.m. where a further action will be arranged.

Contact Us
Any technical suggestions should be sent via e-mail to: .
All other suggestions can be sent to: .

The company Jan Lešetický, MASO-UZENINY-POTRAVINY undertakes to comply with the Law Nr 101/2000 on Personal Data Protection in its up-to-date version and the Law Nr 480/2004. About information society services. The company Jan Lešetický, MASO-UZENINY-POTRAVINY declares that no personal data of its customers will be assigned to a third party and all necessary technical and legal action will be taken to prevent such information leakage. The company Jan Lešetický, MASO-UZENINY-POTRAVINY uses address and identification data of its customers solely for purposes of offering and providing services, informing about current services, products and advantages, and to communicate with you in order to gain a better understanding of your needs and provide you with better service. No personal data will be used by the company Jan Lešetický, MASO-UZENINY-POTRAVINY to any other purpose and will not be kept for a longer period of time than the one necessary for providing services.

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